Nicholas Byrd and James Coats - Encyclopedia Of Pickpocketing
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In this fantastic four DVD series, Nicholas Byrd and James Coats discuss theory, routines, body positioning, body contact, and the conditioning used during putpocketing and shocking steals. This incredibly extensive library of pick pocketing effects is the perfect foundation for any act. Byrd and Coats explain it all!


Volume 1:
* Alligator Clasps
* Rolex Expanding Metal Clasps
* Leather Banded Expanding Clasps
* Leather Band Buckles
* C-Clasped Bands
* Velcro Clasped Bands
* Expanding Metal Stretch Bands
* Rubber and Plastic Buckle Bands
* Rings Bracelets Necklaces Cufflinks

Volume 2:
* Hanging Items (Keys, Cellular Phones, Badges, etc.)
* Items from Shirt Pockets (Cigarettes, Lighters, Pens, Glasses, etc.)
* Items from the inside or outside of a Jacket., Coat, or Blazer

Items form the front pockets of pants featuring:
* The Dip
* Remington Shake
* The Pop-Up

Items from Back Pockets of Pants Wallets, featuring:
* The Ravel Hang
* The Modified Ravel Hang
* The Dip Learn Ricky Dunn Pickpocketing and much more

Volume 3:
Putpocket Unique Items such as:
* Stuffed chickens and silverware
* Putpocket items that has been Pickpocketed for the ultimate reveal
* Putpocket items into backpacks and purses
* Putpocket Coins and Cards into the pockets of jackets, Pants, and Shirts

Learn shocking steals such as:
* Removing a Tie Removing Glasses from the face and body
* Removing Suspenders Removing a belt Removing a bra

Volume 4:
Pickpocketing in a straight jacket with 3 different escapes
The Shirt Pull
Shadow Pickpocketing
Stage Whispering

Pickpocket Stage gags such as:
* Dirty Underwear
* Underwear Pull

Pickpocket Props such as:
* the Hand
* the Jacket















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