How to Set up a Photo Reference Shoot for Your Art
How to Set up a Photo Reference Shoot for Your Art
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Direct Your First Reference Photoshoot Like a Boss

Think using reference photos is a big no no? Ever heard someone say ‘real’ artists just paint what’s in their head? Think again! As you’ll see from watching this new video course from Francis Vallejo, this argument is just one ma-hoosive myth. In fact, throughout history, the world’s greatest artists have totally used reference photos or had models pose for them.

Why? Because visualizing a scene is one thing, but drawing or painting it so everything looks just right is quite another. And what’s the best way to make sure everything looks good? You got it – setting up a reference photoshoot complete with costumes, great poses, and the right lighting.

But how do you do this? Don’t you need lots of super expensive equipment and professional skills? And what about hiring models to pose for you? Well, turns out there are lots of free resources like SketchUp you can use to mock up just about any environment you can think of, while sites like Model Mayhem are a great place to find models to work with.

Alternatively, why not just invite your friends round and have them pose for you? Oh, and when it comes to a camera and studio lights, you’ll be surprised at how cheaply you can pick up the kit to do the job. Hint: a certain well-known auction site is a great place to look!


So, once you’be got your camera, lights, costumes and models, how do you get started on your first reference photoshoot? Relax – as always, we’ve got your back.

Watch our ‘Using Reference Photos’ video course and get:

  • A complete guide to setting up your first photoshoot on a budget
  • Lots of photography tips that anyone can learn quickly 
  • A guide to finding models to work with, and how to get the best from your photoshoot with them
  • How to edit your photos afterwards and pick the best ones for your project
  • How to create a finished painting from your reference photos – this is the part where it gets really interesting!


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How to Set up a Photo Reference Shoot for Your Art



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