The Complete Q & A Job Interview Book

The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book By Jeffrey G. Allen
Publisher: Wiley 2004 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 0471651257 | PDF | 1 MB

The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book presents every reader with their own personalized interview script so they will be prepared in advance for anything the interviewer throws at them—from questions about personal background to management ability to technical know-how. He shows interviewees how to master the “actor factor”—knowing that if they memorize their lines, sharpen their delivery, and dress for the part, theyll get hired in a heartbeat!

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The Complete Idiot s Guide to Starting an eBay Business

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting an eBay Business By Barbara Weltman, Malcolm Katt
Publisher: Alpha 2008 | 352 Pages | ISBN: 1592577245 , 143621243X | PDF | 3 MB

eBay(r) is the Internet's premier auction site and everyone's favorite place to shop. It's also the place to start a business and make money from the comfort of one's home. Completely revised, this new edition will help readers create the eBay(r) business they dream of. There is also new and updated information on:
• The basics of eBay(r), the auction process, and the essentials of getting the business down on paper-including recordkeeping, accounting, taxes, insurance, legal issues, and other essential details
• Determining what to sell, how to price it, and working with services such as PayPal(r)
• The ins and outs of the biggest growing areas of eBay business-sourcing, wholesaling, and fixed price sales
• Cutting through the competition, improving profit margins, changing strategies, improved advertising and promotions, and more

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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Publisher: Listening Library (Audio); Unabridged edition (September 26, 2006) | ISBN: 0739337270 | Language English | Audio CD in MP3 | 253 MB

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The Beginning Of History

Massimo De Angelis, "The Beginning of History: Value Struggles and Global Capital"
Pluto Press | 2006 | ISBN: 074532035X, 0745320368 | 320 pages | PDF | 7,6 MB

Francis Fukuyama may declare the "end of history", and neoliberal capital embraces this belief. However, the diverse struggles for commons and dignity around the planet reveal a different reality: that of the beginning of history. The clash between these two perspectives is the subject matter of this book.
This book analyzes the frontline of this struggle. On one side, a social force called capital pursues endless growth and monetary value. On the other side, other social forces strive to rearrange the web of life on their own terms. This book engages with alternative modes of co-production recently posed by the alter-globalisation movement, and it examines what these movements are up against.
This passionate account explores groundbreaking new critical political economic theory and its role in bringing about radical social change. This book is a must for all political activists and students of political theory.

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The Basics of Finance

Pamela Peterson Drake CFA, Frank J. Fabozzi CFA, "The Basics of Finance: An Introduction to Financial Markets, Business Finance, and Portfolio Management"
Wiley | 2010 | ISBN: 0470609710 | 665 pages | PDF | 3,7 MB

An introductory guide to the world of finance
The Basics of Finance is an accessible book for those who want to gain a better understanding of this field, but lack a strong business background. It covers essential concepts, tools, methods, and strategies in finance without delving too far into theory.
Written by the experienced author team of Frank Fabozzi and Pamela Peterson Drake, this reliable resource discusses everything from financial instruments and markets to portfolio management techniques, understanding and analyzing financial statements, and different types of corporate financial strategy, planning, and policy.

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Design New England - November/December 2010
Design New England - November/December 2010
English | True PDF | 108 pages | 57 MB

Our focus on design professionals provides the connection our readers need to make their dreams a reality. With engaged and informative text, we break down each element of these stunning spaces and all of the decisions behind them, from materials and appliances to new building techniques. A variety of styles, from contemporary to traditional, are included, in keeping with the vast array of design talent in New England.

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Abvent Artlantis Studio v3.0.5 Multilingual-BEAN

Abvent Artlantis Studio v3.0.5 Multilingual-BEAN | 160.3 mb

Artlantis Studio is the fastest stand-alone 3D rendering application developed especially for architects and designers, ideal for quickly and easily creating high resolution 3D renderings, QuickTime VR Panoramas, QuickTime VR Objects and animations. A recognized leader in preview window technology, Artlantis is the rendering software used by architects, designers and urban design professionals in more than 80 countries. Artlantis interfaces directly with ArchiCAD, Revit, VectorWorks, SketchUp Pro, and Arc+ . With the addition of the DWF, OBJ and FBX import formats and updated DXF, DWG and 3DS plug-ins, Artlantis seamlessly interacts with all the leading CAD software as well. Artlantis is recognized as the fastest, most powerful solution for photo-realistic 3D rendering and animation.

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Kiplingers Personal Finance - January 2011
Kiplinger's Personal Finance - January 2011
English | HQ PDF | 88 pages | 68 MB

Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine provides intelligent advice and sound reporting on topics regarding personal finance issues. Find information on investments, taxes, insurance, retirement and savings in Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine.

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VMware Workstation v7.1.3-324285-EMBRACE

VMware Workstation v7.1.3-324285-EMBRACE | 570 mb

VMware Workstation is powerful desktop virtualization software for software developers/testers and enterprise IT professionals that runs multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single PC. Winner of more than 50 industry awards, VMware Workstation transforms the way technical professionals develop, test, demo, and deploy software. VMware Workstation is an integral component of any serious technical professional’s toolkit. Innovative features help software developers, QA engineers, sales professionals, and IT administrators to reduce hardware cost, save time, minimize risk, and streamline tasks that save time and improve productivity. With support for over 200 operating systems including Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and over 20 other versions of Windows, along with Redhat, Ubuntu, OpenSuse and 26 additional versions of Linux. VMware Workstation delivers the broadest guest platform support for running multiple operating systems at the same time on your PC.

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Canadian Business - Winter 2010/2011
Canadian Business - Winter 2010/2011
English | HQ PDF | 104 pages | 79 MB

Canadian Business - Insight and fresh ideas have never been more essential to success, and the new Canadian Business is a magazine all about those ideas. With more topical stories, more original reporting and more compelling voices, every issue of Canadian Business provides business leaders with the analysis and perspective on the issues, trends and personalities that are shaping the future of our economy.

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After Effects "Spherica"
After Effects "Spherica" After Effects , jpg | 1280x720 | 66.5 Mb

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After Effects "3D magazine"
After Effects "3D magazine" After Effects version CS3 | 1920x1080 | 27.9Mb

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The Adult Student Guide to Survival Succes

Al Siebert PhD, Mary Karr MS, «The Adult Student's Guide to Survival & Success»
Practical Psychology Press | ISBN: 0944227384 | 2008 | PDF | 176 pages | 4.7 MB

Whether enrolling in college for the first time or returning after an extended absence, this motivational guide provides adult students with a wealth of practical guidance. This thorough handbook explores not only how to succeed academically while balancing family, work, and other important responsibilities, but also addresses how students can learn to confront their fears, increase their self-confidence and resiliency, and create support groups. Containing essential information on financing education through loans, grants, and scholarships as well as practical tips for managing time, preparing for tests, taking effective notes, and using internet resources, this one-stop reference also includes action review checklists.

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After Effects MaxAfter "Dream Sequence"
After Effects MaxAfter "Dream Sequence" After Effects version CS3 | 1920x1080 | 52Mb

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Systems and Decision Making - A Management Science Approach

Hans G. Daellenbach, "Systems and Decision Making: A Management Science Approach"
Wiley | 1994 | ISBN: 0471950947 | 560 pages | PDF | 2,9 MB

Systems and Decision Making A Management Science Approach Hans G Daellenbach University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand Traditional methods of problem solving, based on the cause-and-effect model, can no longer cope with the complex situations in which decisions have to be made today. These problem situations occur within a systems context. Most of these systems are created and controlled by humans and it is, therefore, important that decision making is guided by a systematic and comprehensive methodology that helps the decision maker to make effective use of his/her extensive but limited powers of reasoning. Systems and Decision Making combines contemporary systems work with Operations Research (OR). Daellenbach places an emphasis on developing a methodology for decision situations that lend themselves to quantitative approaches rather than give an elementary survey of many OR/MS techniques. It incorporates some of the learnings of soft systems methodology for more practical problem solving, particularly at the problem identification and formulation stages. The text also shows that the scientific component of modelling can be considerably enhanced by the use of various diagrammatic devices. The second part of the book studies a number of topics important for the analyst, such as how to deal with the time element, with constraints, with uncertainty, and with multiple goals. These are demonstrated by various OR/MS techniques. Systems and Decision Making is an excellent core text for undergraduate and graduate students of systems, management science and MBA courses.

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Ultraslideshow Flash Creator Professional 1.37

Ultraslideshow Flash Creator Professional 1.37 | 21.2 mb

UltraSlideshow Flash Creator - a program working with photo albums that can be used to create a common web photo albums, album art, commercial galleries, news, photo albums, and many other photo albums. UltraSlideshow Flash Creator helps you create amazing slide show with a photo album with music and transition effects. You can choose whichever flash template.

UltraSlideshow Flash Creator - a tool for creating flash galleries, which allows you to create Flash photo gallery with XML driven animation. UltraSlideshow Flash Creator provides many options for setting performance monitoring flash gallery. You can create slideshows that can be attached to your Web site with special settings for width, height, fill color, background color, size of thumbnails, etc.

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VueScan 9.0.01

VueScan 9.0.01 | 12.7 mb

VueScan, the world's most popular scanner software, is used extensively by photographers, home users, scanning services and corporations. VueScan is a scanning program that works with most high-quality flatbed and film scanners to produce scans that have excellent color fidelity and color balance. It is very easy to use, and also has advanced features for restoring faded colors, batch scanning and other features used by professional photographers.
VueScan changes nothing on your system, installs nothing in your operating system and all other scanner software will continue to function. VueScan increases your productivity and saves you money. VueScan has advanced scanning options, powerful features, and greatly improves your scans with superior color accuracy and better color balance. VueScan supports more than 700 scanners and 209 digital camera raw files and takes about 5 minutes to download and install.

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Supply Chain Project Management

James B. Ayers "Supply Chain Project Management. Second Edition: A Structured Collaborative and Measurable Approach"
CRC | English | 2009-10-14 | ISBN: 1420083929 | 430 pages | PDF | 3,6 MB

Improving supply chain efficiency, especially in today’s unsettled business climate, requires that managers go beyond doing business as usual. They must apply inspiration and perspiration in a structured, collaborative, and measurable approach that blends project management with supply chain management knowledge and practice:
Supply Chain Project Management, Second Edition offers the supply chain practitioners and project managers of today with a fully updated guide for implementing strategic supply chain improvements. It covers how to implement project management best practices in ways that will encourage continual improvement of the supply chain. Focusing on improving competitiveness, the book describes the benefit of applying proven project management skills to improve collaboration and communication among one’s own company and its suppliers and customers. It explains how to achieve company-wide agreement for developing and directing strategies that will lower risk in undertaking difficult supply chain change.

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After Effects Project "Bumble Bee Grunge Theme"
After Effects Project "Bumble Bee Grunge Theme" After Effects CS3 | 1280x720 | 53Mb

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Strategies for Growth in SMEs

Strategies for Growth in SMEs: The Role of Information and Information Sytems
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann | ISBN: 0750663510 | edition 2004 | PDF | 420 pages | 1,8 mb

Strategies for Growth in SMEs explores for the first time the role of information and information systems (IS) concepts in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Most IS research focuses on large firms, yet the majority of firms in most economies are SMEs. The book considers the applicability of IS theory and practice to SMEs and develops new theories that are relevant to these firms. Composed of 6 sections, it covers, amongst other things; the nature of SMEs, the background to IS, and SMEs' use of IS, issues of IS strategy and planning in SMEs, the way that firms can transform through use of IS, evaluation, IS flexibility, business process re-engineering, resource-based strategy and knowledge management, the appropriateness of existing theories and the development of new models to address SME-specific issues. The final section of the book reviews the learning in the previous chapters and poses future agendas for research.

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SQL Visual QuickStart Guide

SQL: Visual QuickStart Guide By Chris Fehily
Publisher: Peachpit Press 2008 | 496 Pages | ISBN: 0321553578 | PDF | 3 MB

SQL is a standard interactive and programming language for querying and modifying data and managing databases. This task-based tutorial and reference guide takes the mystery out learning and applying SQL. After going over the relational database model and SQL syntax in the first few chapters, veteran author Chris Fehily immediately launches into the tasks that will get readers comfortable with SQL. In addition to covering all the SQL basics, this thoroughly updated reference contains a wealth of in-depth SQL knowledge and serves as an excellent reference for more experienced users.

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Solar Technologies for Buildings

Ursula Eicker, "Solar Technologies for Buildings"
John Wiley and Sons | July 2003 | ISBN: 047148637X | PDF | 5.4 MB

A complete overview of solar technologies relevant to the built environment, including solar thermal energy for heating and cooling, passive solar energy for daylighting and heating supply, and photovoltaics for electricity production Provides practical examples and calculations to enable component and system simulation e.g. Calculation of U-values, I-V curve parameters and radiance distribution modelling.
Discusses the new trends in thermal energy use, including the architectural integration of collector systems, integrated ventilation photovoltaics facades and solar powered absorption cooling systems
Coverage of cutting-edge applications such as active and passive cooling techniques and results from ongoing research projects

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Software Project Management For Dummies

Software Project Management For Dummies
Teresa Luckey, Joseph Phillips | 0471749346 | PDF | 408 pages | 2.8 Mb

* The increase in project outsourcing has forced traditional programmers to take on the role of project managers and quickly learn how to manage software projects
* The author discusses all of the essentials in widely accepted project management methodology, from managing programmers to assessing and eliminating risk
* The book covers the iterative development model, using Microsoft Project 2003, as well as a variety of methodologies including eXtreme, open source, SQA testing, software life cycle management, and more
* The companion Web site contains tools, case studies and other resources to help even novices get up and running

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Soft Computing in XML Data Management

Soft Computing in XML Data Management
325 pages | Springer; 1st Edition. edition (July 8, 2010) | 3642140092 | PDF | 5.2 Mb

This book covers in a great depth the fast growing topic of techniques, tools and applications of soft computing in XML data management. It is shown how XML data management (like model, query, integration) can be covered with a soft computing focus. This book aims to provide a single account of current studies in soft computing approaches to XML data management. The objective of the book is to provide the state of the art information to researchers, practitioners, and graduate students of the Web intelligence, and at the same time serving the information technology professional faced with non-traditional applications that make the application of conventional approaches difficult or impossible.

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