I am Creator — Scene Generator - CM 253963
I am Creator — Scene Generator - CM 253963
I am Creator — Scene Generator - CM 253963
CM I am Creator — Scene Generator 253963
Layered PSD | CM 253963 | 7,04 GB





  • Topview [current] | 218 items, 8 scenes, $29






Huge Graphic Pack for creating environments with a lot of features. Create Environments for: Branding, Art, Calligraphy, Typography, Architect


218 ITEMS, 12 PACKS:

  1. Branding mockup [ http://crtv.mk/a03qC ]
  2. Branding mockup
  3. Environments
  4. Branding mockup
  5. Paper and Notepads
  6. Art Environment
  7. Art Environment
  8. Architect Environment
  9. Calligraphy Environment
  10. Letterpresses Text Effects
  11. Devices Mockups
  12. Fancy environment



  1. Extremely High Resolution. Big resolution and excellent quality of items, allows you to create really huge scenes for big Retina screens or print projects

  2. Layered Transparent Shadows. All shadows are in separate and transparent layer, that allows you to adjust the contrast of it for better result. Also now it’s easy to export them

  3. One scene for all. All items made in the same scene and same lighting setup, so they are works great with each other

  4. Color Masks for Every Material. Every material of every item has a color mask, so it’s very easy to change color and customize every item.

    • Note: If item made in one material there is no mask to it, because of no need, you can just add adjustment layer to whole item
  5. Realistic Mockups. Just insert text or logo into smartobject and it will automatically changed on item. High quality effects give a photorealistic result



  1. One File - Great Possibilities. From Facebook Covers to Hero images, presentations and print projects.

  2. Forever Free Updates. More items, pack themes and effects will be added and available for free.

  3. Big Discount. All packs are available at a super low price than if you buy them all separately.

  4. Extended License. Extended License allows you to use this file in multiple projects.



  1. Scene Creator (psd)
  2. 218 items (12 psd)
  3. 8 Sample Scenes (8 psd)
  4. Help File (1 pdf)


Important: This file is over Creative Market file size limit (500 MB). The link to items and scenes is included in the PDF file.




CM I am Creator — Scene Generator 253963





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