JD Super Grunge Bundle Texture Collection | 146 MB
All textures (4320 x 4880 pixels)
Three Urban Grunge Brushes, .abr
Three Urban Grunge PSD Photo Frames
Three Custom Edge Vignettes
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The Super Grunge concept developed for me after a year of using Illuminations. I loved what the Illumination Textures did, but I felt I needed to explore some different ideas and processing. If the Illuminations Sets were about opening up images to discovering new light and color, then Super-Grunge was its alter ego, standing in the shadows feeling sentimental, moody and introspective. In fact, I got so involved making the pack that Super Grunge evolved into 2 packs – one Vintage, one Urban. Additionally, I loved the prospect of sharing some non-textured designs such as 3 Vintage Grunge Frames and 3 Vintage Grunge Brushes which, along with 3 Vintage Grunge Vignettes and a tutorial, are included in each pack.


JD Super Grunge Bundle Texture Collection


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